GIS for Monitoring & Evaluation

Geographic Information System (GIS) is becoming a key analytic tool for monitoring and evaluation because of its benefit in improving the effectiveness and communications of results by providing geographically referenced information (data identified according to location). The course is a three-day training structured into 6-hours daily and its targeted at monitoring and evaluation and project management specialist. Knowledge of monitoring and evaluation and basic IT proficiency is a prerequisite for this training.

Microsoft Excel for Development Professionals

Microsoft Excel has become an integral part of most organizations across the world and a very core tool  for development work.

NGOs and Development Organizations requires sound level of Microsoft Excel proficiency in various departments like Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Accounts, Audit, Operations, HR, Admin, Research, Technology etc. This training is an intensive four (4) day training that would give the participants HANDS ON EXPERIENCES.

Most widely practiced Excel topics in NGOs and Development Organizations will be covered in the course syllabus with practical exercises.

Participants will do the live exercises along with the trainer to learn faster and effectively.

Programme Planning and Evaluation

This is a highly interactive training designed for persons who are interested in how to plan, monitor and evaluate a programme or project. The course is delivered using case studies tailored to development projects in health, education and environment. Practitioners new to programme management, as well as those who have some experience, will find the course to be of value in promoting a more thorough approach to the successful management of their next project.

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