Survey Data Collection and Analysis using SPSS

SPSS is a data analysis tool that has found wide application for monitoring and evaluation, policy analysis, social work and  for academic research. Participants will learn how to carry out descriptive, inferential and predictive analysis using SPSS. Participants will also be introduced to the use of mobile technology for data collection. 

Data Management and Analysis using STATA

This is an intensive hands-on training on survey data collection and analysis. Participants will be introduced to the use of Open Data Kit (ODK) for data collection and the use of STATA for data analysis. Data analysis module will cover descriptive, correlational, inferential statistics and modeling. 

Data-Driven Journalism

This course will equip delegates with the skill and tools on how to tell compelling stories by harnessing the vast quantity of data that our increasingly networked lives, devices, businesses, and governments produce every day.

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