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Providing world-class data analytics and strategic consulting services
Data-Lead Africa is a consulting firm providing world-class data analytics and strategic consulting services. Data is our raw material and we deploy exceptional skills in statistics, research methods and Information technology to process data into insightful quantifiable results. Our focus is to turn data into decisions so as to drive performance, value, competitive advantage and innovation.

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We are looking for a creative writer who can create original and engaging contents to showcase the products and services offered at Data-Lead Africa
The ideal candidate must have a writing style that is very professional yet with a good mix of humor.
She/He must have strong research skills and able to take on new knowledge area with ease. We are looking for someone who frowns totally at plagiarism and is able to work independently without jeopardizing the essence of a team.
She/He must be able to work effectively with social media influencers and other personalities within the media space.

Qualitative Data Analysis using NVIVO

Analyzing qualitative data can be overwhelming due to the unstructured nature of the data. However, with tools like NVIVO, technology can now be deployed to simplify the process of organizing and identifying themes in qualitative dataset.


At the end of the course, participants will

·         Understand qualitative analysis approaches

·         Understand different qualitative data collection methods

·         Set up a project in NVIVO

·         Carry out qualitative data analysis using NVIVO

·         Carry out thematic and content analysis of qualitative dataset

·         Write a qualitative report

Data Analysis using STATA

This is a highly interactive trainin designed to train participants with little or no experience using Stata but requires only basic knowledge of descriptive statistics. The participants will learn to:

  • Import data to stata and construct a work flow
  • Data manipulation on stata and dealing with missing data
  • Running basic statistical analysis and combining data sets
  • Carry out descriptive analysis
  • Carry out inferential analysis
  • Build predictive modeling using STATA
  • Creating communicative graphics and presenting statistical results.

Data Analysis using SPSS

SPSS is one of the most used tool for data analysis in the social sciences because of its user friendliness. This course is a 4-day webinar aimed at providing the participants with skills on how to apply SPSS for statistical analysis. Participants will review several statistical techniques and learn how to use and interpret the outputs.

 The training will cover the following

  • Introduction to statistical analysis
  • Understanding SPSS and its features
  • Descriptive, inferential and predictive analytics
  • Visualization using SPSS

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Providing world-class data analytics and strategic consulting services