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Providing world-class data analytics and strategic consulting services
Data-Lead Africa is a consulting firm providing world-class data analytics and strategic consulting services. Data is our raw material and we deploy exceptional skills in statistics, research methods and Information technology to process data into insightful quantifiable results. Our focus is to turn data into decisions so as to drive performance, value, competitive advantage and innovation.

Qualitative Method of Data Analysis

This is a three day training aimed at introducing participants to qualitative methods of data analysis. The training is suited for those who are planning or are already working on projects with qualitative dimensions. The course will equip participants with an understanding of the different methodological approaches to qualitative research, develop core skills in interviewing, running focus groups, conducting ethnographic observation and data analysis. Participants will be introduced to three industry top software (Atlas.ti, Nvivo and QDA Miner) used for mining and analyzing qualitative data.

Programme Planning and Evaluation

This is a highly interactive training designed for persons who are interested in how to plan, monitor and evaluate a programme or project. The course is delivered using case studies tailored to development projects in health, education and environment. Practitioners new to programme management, as well as those who have some experience, will find the course to be of value in promoting a more thorough approach to the successful management of their next project.

Data Analytics

Learn data analysis and how to productively apply statistics over a large dataset, data visualization, and productive tools to source meaning from data.

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